Forklift attachments Foam Rubber Clamp

Forklift attachments Foam Rubber Clamp

forklift attachments bale clamp foam rubber clamp cotton handler


This is the description of Forklift attachments Foam Rubber Clamp

Foam Rubber Clamp Products introduction.

Foam Rubber Clamp has two long and strong arms that can easily hold large and light blocks of rubber or polystyrene. The  arm is made of steel pipe which have no sharp edges prevent damage to cargo load.The clamp arms structures are simple which offers a good vision for forklift truck operators.

Foam Rubber Bale Clamp Specifications:

Foam Rubber Bale Clamp Model No. Capacity Load Center (kg@mm) Mounting Class Opening Range (mm) Arm Length (mm) Arm Height (mm) Vertical Center of Gravity VCG(mm) Weight (kg) Effective Thickness ET(mm) Horizontal Center of Gravity HCG(mm)
FRC-1TD-S2600 500@500 II 1260-2600 980 410 250 465 125 310
FRC-1TD-S2200 600@500 II 850-2200 980 410 250 430 125 280
FRC-1TD-S2300 500@1000 II 940-2300 1800 400 250 475 165 280
FRC-1TD-S3200 200@1000 II 1790-3200 1800 400 250 570 180 390
FRC-1TD-S2400 500@1000 II 1040-2400 1800 400 300 490 165 280
FRC-1TD-S2300 1000@500 II 940-2300 1500 600 300 475 165 280
FRC-2TD-S2600 1800@500 III 790-2600 2600 600 300 920 150 650

*Two additional hydraulic functions needed.
*Opening range means distance between arms' sharp points.
*Arm opening range, clamp height and length can be customized according to different operating condition.

Foam Rubber Clamp Features

  • Excellent price-performance
  • Valve flow adjustable for each hydraulic cylinder.
  • Good visibility for forklift truck operator
  • Whole frame is designed in T-profile,Strong and steady
  • Strong steel pipe
  • Extremely long arm for handling large and light package of rubber foam or polystyrene
  • Custom size designingis available


Foam rubber clamp forklift attachments
Foam rubber clamp forklift attachments

Wide opending and sideshifting

Bale clamp foam rubber clamp for forklift truck
Bale clamp foam rubber clamp for forklift

Steel tube prevent cargo from damage


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