forklift paper reel clamp

forklift paper reel clamp

light duty forklift paper roll clamp paper reel handlers


Paper reel clamp introduction:

Forklift paper reel clamp can rotate 360 degrees in both direction and handle paper reel or paper roll in a safe and efficient way. Forklift paper reel handler has two arms controlled by hydraulic system which can clamp the papr roll tightly and reducing the roll damages during the handling operation. 

Paper Reel Clamp Model No. Capacity (kg) Roll Range (mm) Mounting Class Long Arm Length (mm) Short Arm Length (mm) Weight (kg) Effective Thickness ET(mm) Horizontal Center of Gravity HCG(mm)
RC-1.3TF-F1150 1300 330-1150 II 680 510 340 135 215
RC-1.3TF-F1300 1200 410-1300 II 790 570 350 135 220
RC-1.3TF-F1500 1100 450-1500 II 900 670 430 150 270
RC-1.3TF-F1600 1000 560-1600 II 950 720 450 150 290

* Paper reel clamp need two hydraulic functions providing by forklift trucks.

* Light duty range is from 200~1300 KGS weight.

If you need heavy duty paper roll clamps, please check our other paper roll clamp series. 

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