Forklift pallet inverter pallet turner

Forklift pallet inverter pallet turner

forklift pallet inverter pallet turner


This is the description of Forklift pallet inverter pallet turner

Pallet Inverter Instroductions:

Pallet Turnover Clamps are also named pallet inverters. They have forks on two opposite sides and a steel plate on the other side. They are widely used in plant or warehouse when cargo have to be transferred from a production pallet to a transport pallet or directly loaded on trucks. Lower forks lifted the production pallet and the higher forks lift a blank transport pallet, after clamping and rotating 180 degree, the cargo were put on transport pallet or pushed off on truck directly.

Pallet Turnover Clamp Specifications:

Forklift Pallet Inverter Model No. Capacity Load Center (kg@mm) Mounting Class Opening Range (mm) Load Push Stroke (mm) Weight (kg) ET(mm) HCG(mm)
PTP-1.5TE-S1530 1500@600 III 930-1530 1270 1350 490 500
PTP-2TE-S1550 2000@600 III 950-1550 1270 1700 510 505

*Two additional hydraulic functions and one solenoid valve required from the forklift truck.
*Solenoid valve voltage is DC12V.


Forklift Pallet Inverter
Forklift rotating push
Pallet Turnover forklift attachments
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