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10 emergency forklift repair tips, temporarily not asking for help.

1. Forklift tank damage



Found that the oil tank leaked oil, wipe the oil spill clean, use soap or bubble gum on the oil spill, temporarily blocked; repair with epoxy resin adhesive, the effect is better.
2. Forklift tubing rupture



Wipe the rupture, apply soap, wrap it around the tubing with a strip of cloth or tape, and tie it with a wire, then apply a layer of soap.
3. Forklift tubing is broken
Look for a rubber or plastic tube that fits the diameter of the tubing. If the socket is not tight enough, the ends are tied with wire to prevent oil leakage.
4. Oil pipe joint leakage



The oil leakage of the engine oil pipe joint is caused by the oil pipe flare and the oil pipe nut being not sealed. The cotton yarn can be wrapped around the lower edge of the horn, and the tubing nut and the oil pipe joint can be tightened; the bubble gum or maltose can be chewed into a paste and applied to the mouth of the tubing nut to be sealed after being dried. The artificial leather or leather pants can also be cut or formed into holes, formed, and can be cut and formed by a plastic pipe.
5. The sedimentation cup is broken


Use a tape or plastic tube to put the sedimentation cup into and out of the oil pipe sleeve so that the oil does not pass through the sedimentation cup.
6. Fan belt break


The broken belt can be connected in series with the wire or the vehicle can be driven away by opening and stopping.
7. Screw hole slider

The screw hole slip causes oil leakage or loosening of the connecting rod, making it inoperable. At this time, the original screw can be flattened with a hammer, so that the two sides expand and increase (note that the above several buckles do not hammer, so as to make the hole) and then fasten, but not to be disassembled multiple times, to be repaired during the next maintenance.
8. The inlet and outlet hoses are broken.

When the rupture is not large, the leaking area may be wrapped with a cloth coated with soap; if the rupture is large, the rupture of the hose may be cut off, a bamboo tube or iron tube is placed in the middle, and the wire is tightly tied.
9. Diaphragm or oil pump diaphragm is broken or broken

The diaphragm can be taken out and removed, and the saw blade is formed with a rubberized wood, electrical insulating bakelite or plastic cloth according to the prototype size, and polished, or the oil pipe is directly connected to the fuel injection pump.
10. There are blisters on the cylinder head of the forklift, such as oil leakage and water leakage.

According to the size of the sand hole, select the electric fuse for the corresponding specification, and gently pry it into the sand hole with a hammer to remove oil leakage and water leakage.

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