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Classification of lifting forklifts

Forklifts can usually be divided into three categories: internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts and warehouse forklifts.
Internal combustion
The internal combustion forklift is divided into ordinary internal combustion forklift, heavy forklift, container forklift and side forklift.
1 Ordinary internal combustion forklift
Diesel, gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas engines are generally used as power, with a load capacity of 1.2 to 8.0 tons, and the width of the operating channel is generally 3.5 to 5.0 meters, taking into account exhaust emissions and noise issues. It is usually used outdoors, in workshops, or in other places where there are no special requirements for exhaust emissions and noise. Due to the convenience of fuel replenishment, it can achieve long and continuous operations and can perform well in harsh environments(such as rainy days).
2 Heavy Forklift
Diesel engines are used as power and have a carrying capacity of 10.0 to 52.0 tons. They are generally used for outdoor operations in heavy cargo terminals, steel and other industries.
3 Container forklifts
The use of a diesel engine as a power, carrying capacity of 8.0 to 45.0 tons, is generally divided into empty box heave, heavy box heave and container front crane. Applied to container handling, such as container yard or port terminal operations.
4 Side Forklift
Diesel engines are used as power and the carrying capacity is 3.0 to 6.0 tons. In the case of no turning, it has the ability to directly cross the goods from the side, so it is mainly used to fork the long type of goods, such as wood bars, steel bars, etc..
Low center of gravity design of lifting forklift with good stability;
The vertical drive wheel makes the entire drive unit have a small radius of rotation. The wheel replacement maintenance is simple and convenient, and the motor has better dust proof and waterproof effect, making the brake and motor more durable and reliable. Adjustable balance wheel structure, so that four points in a plane, the stability is good.
With electric motors as the power, batteries as the energy. The carrying capacity is 1.0 to 8.0 tons, and the width of the operating channel is generally 3.5 to 5.0 meters. Due to no pollution and low noise, it is widely used in indoor operations and other conditions that require higher environmental requirements, such as medicine and food industries. With people's attention to environmental protection, electric forklifts are gradually replacing internal combustion forklifts. Since each group of batteries generally needs to be charged after about 8 hours of work, it is necessary to be equipped with a spare battery for multi-shift operating conditions.



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