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Do you know the capacity of the forklift?

FORKLIFT maximum load capacity
This means that your forklift can safely carry the maximum weight or load, and this information will always be found on the load capacity data board. No matter what happens, you should not exceed this maximum capacity, but there are other factors that affect what you carry and how you carry it.

FORKLIFT load center
The load center is a number that affects how much your forklift can carry and this information will be displayed again on your load capacity data board. This number refers to the maximum size of the center of gravity of the load and affects the load stability on the truck. If the load center is greater than the limit, it may cause the truck to tilt, causing serious damage and injury. If a large center of gravity is essential, then you can still carry the load, but you must calculate the new load capacity.



If you use an attachment for a forklift, this may change your load capacity and load center, so make sure you have all the details of the attachment so that you can safely calculate the correct load limit. If you have an attachment but don't provide the necessary information, avoid using it because the results can be dangerous if not calculated correctly.

Lift height
Forklifts with high masts typically have data boards that contain two different load capacities; one for low height and one for maximum load height. This allows the operator to calculate the maximum load when using the truck at different heights. Low level loads typically have a higher maximum weight limit, while higher level loads will have a lighter weight limit.


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