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Forklift accessories selection

Generally, before the operation, the forklift needs to check the fuel, lubrication and cooling devices; then check the start, run, brake and pressure measurement and temperature measurement; the last step is to investigate the leakage, which is especially important. After the pre-inspection is completed, it is the series of control steps after the start, including: start operation, driving operation, loading and unloading operation. Complete and correct operation This process tests whether the operator has a deep understanding of the forklift and has a certain ability to manipulate machinery and appliances.



    As a special equipment that operates under heavy load conditions, it is necessary to timely repair the forklift parts according to the cycle specified in the operation guide. Usually, the forklift is serviced every 500 hours or 1000 hours, and the different working hours correspond to different maintenance levels, similar to the concept of primary, secondary and tertiary maintenance in vehicle maintenance. In some cases where the working conditions are particularly bad, maintenance is required every 250 hours to ensure the normal use of the forklift.



    If you want to work outdoors when the forklift is selected, and the road surface is not flat, it is recommended that you choose the internal combustion forklift. If the northern users use it, the temperature is lower in winter. Considering that the engine is not easy to start, the gasoline forklift is selected for the engine start, but with The use of direct-injection diesel engines on forklifts solves the problem of difficult starting of winter engines, so the sales of gasoline forklifts in the domestic forklift market will be less and less.


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