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Forklift accessories soft bag folder features

Forklift soft bag clips are an efficient and economical forklift attachment. Suitable for handling various flexible packaging products, such as cotton, wool, chemical fiber, corrugated board, whiteboard, rags, tobacco, paper, food and many other industries without pallet handling and stacking operations. The attachment has the advantages of smooth motion, high efficiency, easy maintenance, and low price.
Mainly used industries: transportation, warehousing, aquaculture, cold storage, timber, iron, metals, animal husbandry
Forklift soft bag folder four major advantages: 1. Broad vision; 2. Good strength, light weight; 3. Easy to operate; 4. Mount fast, easy maintenance.
Summarize structural features:
* It adopts the all-steel structure integral frame and has high strength, which can meet the needs of users for high-intensity operation.
* Self-lubricating sliding support is firm and reliable for long life.
* Independent side-shifting mechanism ensures that the soft bag is clamped to any clamping size and has a side shift of ±100 for easy operation.
* Optimized structural layout ensures a good view.


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