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Forklift attachments are applied in the paper Industry

    Forklifts are machines that lift and move various of materials. Forklift truck combine with different attachments to work in very specific industry. In the paper industry, there are 4 types of attachments to lift and carry paper material.


  1. Fork clamp

   It can be used in various kinds of soft package goods, such as waste paper, box, waste plastics, chemical fibers and other industries.


  1. Paper roll clamps

   Paper roll clamp can meet the need of high efficiency, safety and damage free during roll handling and stacking. Rotating 360 degree right and left and 90 degree forward makes a paper roll easy to switch horizontally and vertically.


  1. Bale clamp

   Bale clamp can handle various forms of soft packs,such as wool,waste paper and cotton.


  1. Multi-application steel arm clamp

   Steel arm clamp can handle various cartons, wooden boxes, metal boxes or soft bags and other goods.



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