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Forklift gear error prevention

The big forklift gear error prevention

(1) Strictly operate according to the operating procedures and driving essentials, and try to prevent "toothing" when shifting gears to increase the wear of the gear pair.

    (2) Strictly implement the maintenance system and enhance the maintenance and maintenance of shifting installation. When the shifting and mounting rods are not properly connected, adjust them in time to ensure that the shifting installation function is good.

Emergency disposal method

    In the course of the used forklift, if the transmission "jump" is displayed, the machine should be stopped (or continue to drive) in time, and then the cause should be found to remove the problem. The detailed method is:

    (1) Display the "jump" when driving under the flat road, you can stop the machine according to the normal shutdown method, carefully find the reason and remove the fault.

    (2) Display "Break" when driving uphill, the position of the block can be in the low-speed position or the first block position, and the standby device will stop when it travels to the top of the slope to remove the fault; if the downshift is unsuccessful or display again" When the jumper is used, it should follow the steps of the ramp stop and request the shutdown, and then remove the problem.



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