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Forklift mast details and dimensions

3 common mast types:
Double layer (level 2): ​​The mast has 2 sections, one outside does not move, the inner section rises and lifts the bracket and fork.
Three layers (level 3): consists of three parts (one outer rail and two inner rails). As the mast rises, the two interiors rise from the outside. The mast type provides a shorter height reduction for use through the doorway.
Four (level 4): consists of four parts (one outer and three inner rails). When the mast is raised, these parts rise from the outside to the inside and are divided into four parts. The four-bar lift has the lowest height reduction and is suitable for applications where the height limit of the container door is very low.



When discussing dimensions, you must understand basic dimensional terms such as length, height, and width to ensure that your forklift is suitable for your plant and floor area parameters. Although these terms are very basic, you may not know how to apply these terms to your forklift or where to take measurements.
Total length: The size of the forklift from the front end of the fork to the rear of the machine. This is very important because you need to know the space of the plant so that the forklift can operate efficiently and safely.
Total height: refers to the height of the forklift, measured from the ground to the highest point of the forklift. This may be the top of the mast or the top of the top shroud. You must be bored with certain aspects, such as deflated tires or large top shields that rise above the mast. You must know the overall height of your forklift to make sure it fits all doorways in your plant or location.
Total width: The width of the forklift can vary depending on the measured position. The sides of the fuselage are measured from a variety of locations, including axles, fenders, forks and tires, so be sure to indicate where you are handling the truck.

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