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Forklift parts are affected by emerging logistics such as e-commerce and cold chain

The emergence of the emerging logistics industry, the impact on the forklift industry will also affect the accessories industry.
China's online shopping scale drives demand for e-commerce logistics equipment. For e-commerce logistics, it is necessary to provide efficient and intensive automated warehousing logistics solutions, advanced automation, intelligent logistics equipment, and on-board intelligent integrated electronic control system for forklifts. It can display fork lift height, cargo weight, fault display and accident code.
The information is managed by the fleet. Accordingly, the accessories industry needs to develop accessories that are suitable for e-commerce logistics equipment. The particularity of the e-commerce industry requires more efficient service in the supply of parts, because the labor intensity is greater than other industries, and the quality requirements of the products will be higher.
The working environment of the cold storage in the cold chain logistics is more demanding than the normal working conditions. The refrigerated forklift used must have the characteristics of anti-rust, anti-corrosion, waterproof and low-temperature resistance, and the reliability and stability requirements are higher. The requirements for the selection of accessories are different. For example, the rubber parts need to be selected from low temperature materials, the control device needs to have excellent waterproof performance, the liquid crystal display and the electrical system need to be sealed and heated, the wheels are generally made of low hardness materials, and the surface is grooved. Prevent slipping and have a certain carrying capacity.


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