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Functions and Applications of Push&Pull attachment

The Push&Pull attachment is one of commonest attachment installed in forklift trucks.Push Pull is a very useful forklift attachment.Without Pallet handling cargo in a unit by utilizing a cheap slip sheet.This forklift attachment can save an expensive pallet and reduce damage to cargo during handling. Forklift Push only has a push motion forced by hydraulic.It is proper for loading cargo in unit,bagged and boxed. Forklift Push Pull have two actions one is push as we talked above and the other is pulling. Push Pull is good at cargo loading and discharging.The push pull forklift attachment are used in various industries such as food, beverage, glassware, building material, agricultural, paper, chemical and the automotive parts industry.Custom push pull attachment is available.Please consult our Riggerte sales if you have any questions.


  • Opening structure for face plate and clear gripper jaw offers a good vision for forklift truck operator
  • Custom Platens are available
  • Face plate 3 to 5 degree tilt back provides convenience to grip slipsheet.
  • Polished platen and gripper jaw and high strength rubber gripper bar protect slip sheets.
  • High strength steel platens
  • Cushion attached make the cylinders move without noise
  • Side shifting action is optional


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