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How should we choose forklift accessories?

1. See if the part number and specifications of the forklift parts are suitable.

Most forklift accessories have a specific part number and technical parameters. If you purchase electrical system accessories, you should check whether the voltage and power of the replaced components are the same. When purchasing the forklift engine drive belt, pay attention to the model and length.



2. See if the trademark logo of the outer packaging is complete.

The quality of the outer packaging of high-quality forklift parts is relatively good, and the writing on the box is clear and the overprinting color is clear. Some important components such as generators, starters, hydraulic pumps, etc., are also equipped with instructions for use, certificates and inspectors to guide the user in the proper use of maintenance methods. Therefore, you should carefully recognize when purchasing, in case you buy fake and shoddy forklift accessories.

3. Look at the shape and size of the forklift accessories for deformation.

Some forklift parts are subject to deformation due to improper manufacturing, logistics, and storage. During inspection, the shaft parts can be rolled along the glass plate to see if there is any light leakage at the fitting between the parts and the glass plate to judge whether it is bent. When purchasing the forklift clutch driven plate steel or forklift friction plate, the steel piece can be used. The friction plate is lifted in front of the eyes to observe whether it has warpage. When purchasing the seals such as the forklift oil seal, the oil seal end face with the skeleton should be rounded, and can be attached to the flat glass without warping; the outer edge of the non-frame oil seal should be correct. It is deformed by hand and should be restored to its original state after releasing the hand. When purchasing all kinds of gaskets, you should also pay attention to the geometry and shape of the fittings with professional gauges.



4, see if the joint parts of the forklift parts are flat

During the handling and storage of forklift parts, burrs, indentations, breakage or cracks may occur at the joints due to vibration and bumps, which may affect the installation and use of forklift parts. This should be checked at the time of purchase or inspection.

5, see if the surface of the forklift parts is rusted

The surface of the qualified parts has a certain precision and a bright finish. The more important the parts, the higher the precision, and the stricter the anti-rust and anti-corrosion of the package. Pay attention to inspection when purchasing or inspection. If the accessories are found to have rust spots, mildew spots, rubber cracks, loss of elasticity, or obvious turning pattern on the surface of the journal, it should be replaced.

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