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How to prevent employees from being injured by forklifts

1. Although the electric forklift seems to be relatively small in structure and easy to operate, it is necessary to fasten the seat belt when driving the electric forklift.
2. When the electric forklift is lifting the cargo, it must avoid the situation that the gantry is leaning forward. It is necessary to prevent the electric forklift from turning forward.
3. When the electric forklift is loading the cargo, the center of gravity of the side cannot be seriously offset. Otherwise, the electric forklift will roll over.
4. When the electric forklift is driving on a road surface with a steep slope, that is, when the electric forklift is not at the horizontal position, the loading and unloading action of the cargo cannot be performed, otherwise it will cause a rollover accident.


5. When driving an electric forklift, be sure to avoid walking on some overly smooth roads to avoid rollover accidents and side slips.
6. Regardless of whether the electric forklift is in full load or no-load condition, it must not turn at a large arc when encountering a turn to prevent the occurrence of a rollover accident.
7. When there is an accident in the electric forklift, you must not jump out of the car in a hurry. If you have fastened the seat belt, it is still safer to stay on the electric forklift, and the overhead guard of the electric forklift. Can also be a good protective cover.
8. When the electric forklift has rolled over, the driver needs to do the action of holding the steering wheel only, clamping the feet, and then bending the body in the opposite direction of the electric forklift. Better protect your body from harm.

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