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How to prevent the forklift from tipping over

Although forklift trucks are designed to increase their weight many times, forklift tipping is one of the main causes of forklift operator injuries and fatal accidents at docks and warehouses. This article will give you all the information about stability triangles and tips on how to prevent the forklift from tipping over.

Forklift stable triangle
To master the basics of forklift safety, it is critical to understand how the forklift's suspension supports the load. The center of gravity of the forklift must always be in an imaginary triangle called the "stable triangle." The front axle of the forklift is a stable triangular base, and the center of the rear axle of the forklift is where the remaining sides of the triangle intersect.


When the center of gravity of the forklift moves beyond the stable triangle - usually because the load is too heavy, unstable or because the forklift operator has performed the wrong operation - the forklift's counterweight can no longer hold the truck below. Therefore, the forklift tipped over.

Forklift safety tips to prevent the forklift from tipping over
Slow down before turning and during cornering and always rotate the steering wheel slowly
Slow down as you travel through bumps or on uneven surfaces
Always keep the load as low as possible
Always ensure that the mast is tilted back for additional stability
Never load the truck outside its maximum load capacity
Always stabilize unstable or odd-shaped loads (such as fixing the load on the pallet) before lifting or using the appropriate accessories
What should I do when the forklift falls over?
When the forklift tipped over, the most serious injury occurred because the forklift operator initially reacted from the forklift and then the forklift fell over him. Keep it safe in the forklift - always wear a seat belt if you have a seat belt.

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