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Introduction to the basic characteristics of the forklift

Introduction to the basic characteristics of the forklift,Please pay attention to the following.

Mast: The mast is a vertical support that allows the load to be raised and lowered.
Bracket: The support structure for installing or installing the fork.
Backrest: Mounted on the carriage and prevents the load from moving backwards, it protects the mast cylinder hose and prevents any cargo from falling off the mast and hitting the operator.



Tynes: The suspension arm is attached to the load carrier to engage the load.
Lifting Cylinder: The amount by which the mast structure, the fork and the bracket are raised or lowered in the vertical direction.
Overhead Shield: Frame/Roof provides the operator with prone protection against falling objects.
Tilt cylinder: Controls the mast structure, the fork and bracket are tilted beyond the vertical position, forward or backward.
Nameplate: Used to inform the user of the maximum load that the forklift can legally carry.
Counterweight: The weight installed by the manufacturer to ensure that the machine under load is stable.

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