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Key aspects of forklift customization

Save fuel
Forklift attachments maximize fuel efficiency by reducing the number of movements required to complete a mission. While accessories may require a small amount of fuel for their operation, some forklift owners have reported saving up to 50% of fuel when introducing specific accessories.

For example, side shifting provides the driver with the flexibility to place loads by allowing the forklift bracket to slide from left to right and eliminating the need for time and fuel wastage operations.



When used properly, forklift attachments reduce processing time and greatly increase the amount of work done in a single day. A forklift that can handle two or more pallets at a time is obviously faster when moving multiple loads from one point to another.

A single forklift equipped with one or more accessories can be used around the site for a variety of material handling applications, as well as working with conventional forklifts to reduce the number of forklifts required on site.

Enhanced security
If carefully chosen, accessories can increase workplace safety because they make the load safer. For example, working at heights is an essential area for attachments, and accidents can be avoided by using specially designed forklift cages or work platforms.

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