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Production process of forklift attachments

Forklift attachments play an important role in Warehouse&Logistics Industry. It is installed on the forklift to meet the different material handling and loading and unloading operations, helping company to save the cargo, reduce labor costs and prevent possible accident. Forklift attachments have so many benefits, but does anyone know how it is produced?

Step 1  Cutting

Putting strength steel plate on cutting machine to cut shape.

Step 2  Polish

After cutting, they will delivered to experienced artificers to polish.

Step 3  Weld

Welding the several parts into a whole.

Step 4  Drill hole

Drilling hole for screw and bolt.

Step 5  Derusting with large size shot blast machine, to change welding stress

Step 6  Surface spray coating: antirusting paint, finishing paint

Step 7  Assembly

Step 8  Test

All products have to go through eight checks in the whole process.

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