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Selection and use of forklift engine oil

The most important thing in the maintenance of the whole forklift is the maintenance and care of the engine parts of the forklift. The most important way to maintain the engine is of course to get the most effective lubrication. The extension of the Anglind forklift parts means that the forklift oil is correctly selected and used. It is essential to improve the efficiency and longevity of the entire forklift accessory. Therefore, Forklift Parts Co., Ltd. will explain the selection and use of the basic oil of the internal combustion engine parts maintenance.



First, the choice of engine oil

1. As the lubricant of the engine, the engine oil not only plays the role of lubrication and anti-wear, but also cool, clean, rust-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation. The quality of the lubricating oil has a very important impact on the normal operation of the engine. Good oil, especially fully synthetic oil, not only protects the engine from wear and tear, but also reduces the number of oil changes and saves on oil costs. Although the price is twice or more expensive than ordinary oil, it is still the best choice for many forklift users to choose imported and genuine oil. If you choose improperly or only cheaply buy low-quality or second-hand ordinary hybrid filter oil products, it will cause poor engine lubrication, resulting in premature wear of engine parts, reduced engine power, excessive exhaust gas and shortened service life of forklift engine parts. In severe cases, it will also cause "cracking, holding tiles" and other vicious accidents.

2, the quality level, such as diesel engine oil CD, CF-4, gasoline engine oil SF, engine manufacturer or construction machinery manufacturer's recommendation, as well as the use of forklifts and other practical conditions, correspondingly improve the oil grade;

3, viscosity grade, such as SAE15/40, 30, 40, etc., should consider the temperature, load, wear and other conditions of the engine working environment.

Second, the engine oil should be used to pay attention to the problem.

1. Oil should be selected according to the requirements specified in the engine manufacturer's instructions. High quality grade oil can replace low quality oil.

2, the use of multi-grade oil is preferred, multi-grade oil has outstanding high and low temperature performance, such as 15W/40 oil in the four seasons in the south of the Yellow River in China.

3, to keep the crankcase well ventilated, pay attention to the use of the oil color, odor changes, or regularly check the performance indicators of the engine oil. Once the color, color and performance indicators are found to change significantly, the oil should be replaced in time.

4, should use the heat engine oil removal method to replace the oil, that is, first run the forklift, and then release the oil hot, so that the sludge, dirt, etc. in the machine can be discharged as much as possible.

5, to be added less, the lack of oil will accelerate the deterioration of the oil, and will cause other forklift parts to burn due to lack of oil; excessive oil filling, not only will increase the oil consumption, and too much The oil easily breaks into the combustion chamber and deteriorates the combustion of the mixture.

6. Regularly check the cleaning oil filter to clean the dirty materials in the oil pan.

7. Remind to avoid mixing of different grades of internal combustion engine oil. Diesel engine oil can replace gasoline engine oil, but gasoline engine oil cannot replace diesel engine oil.
8. When purchasing, you should purchase the oil of the regular manufacturer with influence and visibility as much as possible, and pay attention to distinguish between true and false and determine the quality of the oil.

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