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Several points to prevent fire prevention of forklifts

The hydraulic system of best forklift adopts an open-type system, the hydraulic system adopts an open quantitative system, and the main multi-way valve is operated by a pilot control method. The extension Ang Linder forklift parts indicate that this type of operation can reduce the maneuvering force and improve the handling comfort. It is especially important for hydraulic systems with large power and frequent operation. At present, the pilot-controlled multi-way valve is widely used in the hydraulic system of Heli forklift. application.


1: For the internal combustion balance heavy forklift, the electric welding is carried out. When the gas cutting operation is performed, tell you that the fuel should be removed or protected according to the specific conditions, and the oil at the welding and the side should be cleaned. The necessary fire extinguisher should be provided next to it. When the fuel is fueled, the engine must be turned off and the smoke is prohibited;

2: Do not arbitrarily increase the specifications of the fuse or replace the fuse with other wires; the extension of the Ang Linder forklift accessories reminds you not to use the short circuit method to conduct the fire test line or check the battery voltage; the internal combustion balance forklift is not allowed to use Matches, lighters and other open flames;


3: Timely elimination of fuel dripping, aging and broken wires of electric wires (including wires for charging), and fixing of wires are not tightly subjected to problems such as squeezing and friction.


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