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Several things to notice about using forklift truck attachments

In general, Forklift operations usually involve lifting pallet cargo with a standard fork that extends from the mast.But for non-standard loads, most forklifts can use attachments such as paper roll clamp, drum clamp, Sideshifter and push-pull unit that can push or pull cargo rather than lift them. These forklift attachments are able to bring convenience and efficiency to the user, but also tend to bring a host of specific hazards to the workplace, and these hazards can be compounded by a lack of familiarity and experience on the part of some operators. For security, please note the following points.

Integrated loading capacity

Loading capacity is an important factor that must be considered when you select a forklift truck and its attachment. Due to weight of attachment counteracts loading capacity of the forklift truck., the integrated capacity of counterbalance forklift truck will be declined after installation of attachments. Operators will need to divide loads or reduce individual tasks in order to stay within bounds.


Attachments must be affixed properly to the forks and the mast.


Due to thickness of attachment rear structure makes the center of gravity of cargo change, attachments shift the center of gravity and stability of the lift truck and load. Operators will need to divide loads or reduce individual tasks in order to stay within bounds.


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