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Soft Folder Application Range and Benefits

Soft bag folder is mainly used in cotton, textile, rags, waste paper and other industries. Safe and efficient pallet-free handling.
Soft bag folder advantages:
1. Soft bag clip structure appearance, simple appearance design, its own small weight, convenient and flexible operation
2. Performance, configuration pressure valve, to prevent the cargo from falling off when the pressure relief valve
3. Material, all spare parts are imported using the original, the introduction of advanced German technology and technology specializing in the production of soft folder; frame using aluminum alloy material, reduce weight, increase service life.
4. Function, built-in side shifter, to facilitate accurate positioning and dispensing of goods stacked in different locations.
The combination structure is simple, high strength, low weight, easy maintenance;
The inner side of the splint is provided with ribs, and the friction coefficient is increased to facilitate the clamping of soft goods;
Configure safety valve to prevent the cargo from falling off when the oil pressure is relieved;
Aluminum alloy frame reduces the weight of the product and increases the service life of the forklift;
The use of German Bayer material wear strips, effective protection of the guide shaft and the guide groove caused by sliding wear;
Built-in side shifter, increase the amount of side shift for easy operation.

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