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Solutions for common problems with forklifts

Q : Drive axle oil leakage

A: The oil seal of each part of the forklift is damaged and needs to be replaced; the gasket is damaged and needs to be replaced; if the stud is loose, the bolt needs to be retightened; the vent plug is blocked and needs to be cleaned and removed.

A: In the absence of lubricating oil or oil deterioration, oil should be added or oil changed; the bearing adjustment is too tight and needs to be re-adjusted.

Q : The drive axle is noisy

A: Insufficient lubricating oil, it is necessary to add lubricating oil according to the requirements; gears, bearings and other parts are subject to wear or damage, need to be inspected, repaired or replaced; improper adjustment, excessive gear meshing clearance or improper bearing pre-tightening, need to be re-adjusted The differential cross shaft is loose and the cross shaft needs to be replaced.

Q: The oil system cannot establish pressure

A: The oil circuit is not sealed in the high and low chambers, and the internal leakage is serious. It is necessary to check the pipeline to remove dirt and replace the seals; the outlet back pressure valve does not produce back pressure, check and repair; the oil pump needs to be replaced.

Q: The torque converter oil temperature is high

A: The guide wheel is stuck or the rotation is inflexible. It is necessary to check the repair and replacement; the working oil does not meet the requirements, and the new oil needs to be replaced; the oil level is too low or the system generates air bubbles, and the working oil removes air bubbles; the tubing cooler in the system is blocked. Remove dirt from the system; bearing and gear damage need to be replaced; internal leakage is serious, check and replace the seal.

Q : The gearbox position cannot be removed

A: The friction plate needs to be replaced after burning; the return spring needs to be replaced; the oil return block needs to remove foreign matter; the micro-motion valve brake interlock valve does not return, and the spring needs to be replaced.

Q : The gearbox is noisy

A: Gears or bearings need to be worn out; the bearing preload is insufficient and needs to be re-adjusted.

Q : Transmission overheated

A: If the oil level is too high or too low, the oil level needs to be adjusted according to the regulations; the friction plate burns and the friction plate is replaced; the bearing gear is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Q : The transmission brake valve is stuck and does not move.

A: The return spring fails and the return spring is replaced.

Q : The gearbox cannot be hung up

A: The pressure of the gear is not enough, the pressure of the pressure regulating valve is too low, and the pressure of the pressure regulating valve is adjusted to the specified value; the oil pump is not working properly, the sealing is not good, and the oil pump is replaced with a seal; the pipeline is blocked, the oil filter element is clogged, and the oil is cleaned. Remove dirt or replace the filter; the oil level is too low, the oil quantity is insufficient, need to add enough oil; the clutch seal ring is damaged and leaks, replace the seal; the valve stem is not in place and adjusted to the correct position.

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