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Some knowledge of Forklift Truck Attachment

     Forklift attachments, also known as multiple devices, which make forklift truck achieves a multi-purpose machine.It is required to change a variety of working equipment on the forklift truck based on the cargo fork, so that the forklift truck can adapt to the needs of a variety of working conditions.

      Forklift truck attachment not only improves work efficiency and safety performance, but also saves cargo and reduces the broken rate. For example, using paper roll clamp to handle paper roll can reduce damaged of paper roll; Push-Pull attachment, we use inexpensive slip sheets rather than pallets, which are only 2mm thickness will help you saving space.

 Types of Forklift Truck Attachments:

 Simple Attachment: Cargo boom, String rod, Eagle-gripper drum pliers.

 Complexity Attachment: Paper roll clamp, Rotator, Push/Pull, Carton Clamp, Sideshifter, Fork Positioner, Multi Pallet Handler etc.


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