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Tilting fork function and application structure characteristics

It adopts the all-steel structure integral frame and has high strength, which can meet the needs of users for high-intensity operation.
The installation of a hydraulic safety lock on the attachment oil circuit ensures the safety and reliability of the operation of the tilting fork, and minimizes the risk of the hydraulic component or the oil circuit malfunctioning, which may cause danger to the tilting fork operation; Is the sudden impact during the operation of the attachment, or the impact caused by the bumps on the road during transportation, the hydraulic safety lock can eliminate the hydraulic shock generated by it, and ensure that the cylinder cylinder will not be deformed by excessive hydraulic shock, the mechanism The pin at the hinge does not deform or break due to excessive hydraulic shock. In addition, the detection oil port is provided on the cylinder to facilitate the detection and maintenance of equipment failure.
The hinge of the mechanism is made of high-strength brass alloy bushing with solid lubricant, which is twice as hard as the ordinary copper sleeve! It fully extends the life of the bushing! Because it has self-lubricating function, it is not necessary to add grease regularly. It is possible to protect the pin from wear and to avoid breakage of the pin due to rapid wear of the bushing.
The tilting fork can safely and efficiently dump the bulk cargo in the container forward; the bucket can be used to shovel various loose cargo such as sand, coal, grain, fertilizer, clods and broken bricks.


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