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Types of forklift attachments

The forklift attachment is a working component that is mounted on a forklift to meet the special requirements of various material handling and handling operations. It changes the traditional way of material handling, making the forklift a versatile, efficient material handling tool that can fork, clip, push, pull, rotate and sideways virtually any imaginable handling object. Improve logistics efficiency, reduce production costs, avoid product damage, and save storage space. Forklift attachments are widely used in warehousing, papermaking, packaging, printing, tobacco, home appliances, wine and beverages, wool and cotton textiles, port terminals, railways, automobile manufacturing, steel smelting, chemicals and construction. The correct selection of forklift attachments is one of the effective means for many companies to improve production efficiency and increase profitability.
There are a wide variety of forklift attachments. The following are some of the commonly used forklift attachments:
Paper Roll Clamp for efficient, non-destructive handling and stacking of all types of rolls; Bale Clamp / Pule Bale Clamp for efficient and economical handling Soft packs of any kind, such as cotton, wool, spun, corrugated board, white cardboard, rags, hay, and industrial scraps;
The side shifter  connects the fork and the fork frame and moves the forklift to the left and right sides by hydraulic drive to adjust the stacking position of the cargo. The good size configuration optimizes the load capacity of the truck.
Fork Positioner, the fork is adjusted by hydraulic drive to avoid manual adjustment, improve cargo handling efficiency, reduce labor intensity and reduce cargo damage;
Drum Clamp is widely used in the transportation of 55 gallons (250 liters) of standard barrels in the petroleum and chemical industries, enabling the forklift to hold and carry four oil drums safely and securely at one time, avoiding the traditional fork clamps. The problem of instability of the goods under braking or turning conditions.
Fork Clamp, which can be used to hold goods or fork pallets, speeds up pallet handling and reduces pallet wear and tear.
Multi-Purpose Clamp for efficient, pallet-free handling of all types of cartons, metal boxes, wooden boxes or soft packs.
Tobacco Carton Clamp, suitable for efficient handling of re-roasted tobacco leaf boxes.
Dual-purpose fork clamp , the clamp arm has two horizontal and vertical rotation adjustable position modes, so the integrated fork and clamp function can be applied to both pallet and pallet-free handling;
TurnaforkTM with clamping function and conventional pallet handling function for efficient loading and unloading and sorting of waste paper, box and soft bag-like palletized goods or conventional pallet goods;
Block Clamp is widely used in the building materials, metallurgy and other industries for the efficient and non-tray handling of normal temperature and hard block goods such as cement bricks, concrete blocks and carbon blocks;
Carton Clamp for efficient pallet-free handling of carton packaging products in the warehousing, beverage, appliance and electronics industries, saving on the cost of purchasing and maintaining pallets and saving storage space.
Push/Pull  for handling goods placed on a skateboard for pallet handling and stacking with high efficiency and low maintenance. Suitable for the following typical conditions: bagged goods (such as cement, fertilizer, grain, seeds, sugar, etc.), boxed goods (such as cartons / cans / frozen food, beverages, paper products, small appliances, cosmetics, etc.) and glass bottles of goods (such as beer, drinks, wine, etc.).
Others include Rotator, Bar Arm Clamp, Forward Bin Dumper, Layer Picker, Tire Clamp, and more.
After more than half a century of promotion and application, the forklift appliance manufacturing industry has gradually developed into a relatively independent industry category. As an efficient handling machine, forklift attachments have been widely and long-term applied in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan.


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