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What are the characteristics of pallet trucks?

Pallet trucks can be divided into manual pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks, which are tools for point-to-point transportation. Compact and flexible, it can be used in almost any location.

Manual pallet forklifts are also commonly referred to as manual hydraulic pallet trucks, mainly manual operation. When transporting about 2 tons of heavier items, it is more difficult, so it is usually used for short-distance frequent operations of about 15m, especially loading and unloading areas. . In the future logistics, the manual pallet forklift is connected between various transportation links. One truck or train is equipped with one, which makes loading and unloading operations quicker and more convenient, and is not subject to site restrictions.



When the plane transport distance is about 30m, the pedestrian electric pallet truck is undoubtedly the best choice. The driving speed is controlled by the stepless speed change switch on the handle, which follows the speed of the walking speed of the operator, and reduces the fatigue of the personnel while ensuring The safety of the operation. If the distance of the main transportation route is between 30m and 70m, an electric pallet truck with a folding pedal can be used. When the driver stands and drives, the maximum speed can be increased by nearly 60%.

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