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What are the common types of forklift arm

For the replacement of the human arm's handling vehicle, the forklift, because the material shape of the moving goods is different, the machinery can not achieve a kind of fork arm to carry out all the handling actions. Therefore, different forklifts are configured according to different handling requirements. For these mechanical "arms" that are also specialized in the art industry, there are several common types that can be introduced to forklift operators.
First, the side-shifted fork arm. Used for accurate left and right adjustment displacement of goods with pallets at the bottom. Can precisely and efficiently fork the goods and place them. Its use not only increases the efficiency and service life, but also reduces the labor expenditure of fork drivers. The actual utilization of storage is strengthened. Its installation methods are complete and plug-in.
Second, the front shift fork arm. For goods that are farther away from the car, goods can be quickly and conveniently loaded and unloaded from one side of the cargo compartment. Generally only hang the installation method.
Third, adjust the distance type fork arm. Automatic adjustment of the arm spacing by hydraulic control of forklifts to match the loading of different specifications with pallet goods, eliminating the time and imprecision of manpower control. It is usually combined with a forked arm to increase efficiency. Its installation method also has the difference between the whole and the exterior.
Fourth, fork arm. It can be used not only to pick up pallet goods, but also to pick up goods or replace the multi-function fork arm of the adjustable fork arm. If you are equipped with a detachable clamping arm, you can also increase the function of clamping barrels and bricks. The installation method is a single hanging type.
Fifth, use more flat clamping fork arms. You can handle paper, wood or metal outside goods without a tray. This resulted in significant savings in the cost of pallet acquisition and maintenance funds. The installation method is also hanging.
Sixth, rotary type fork arm. A fork arm that can be rotated at full angles. Used for the dumping of containers or the reversal of goods. You can also reverse or horizontal the goods as required. It can be added to other fork arms to increase the rotation function of other fork arms. The installation method is hanging type.

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