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What are the general forklift accessories?

With so many types of forklift attachments, it's not always easy to determine the accessories your forklift needs to perform certain tasks. Below is an overview of the five common forklift accessories and how they can take your business to the next level:



1.Side shift
Side shift is undoubtedly the most popular forklift attachment ever. The side shift allows the forklift operator to gently lift the fork from - you guessed it - align the pallet from side to side without moving the entire forklift.

2. Fork locator
Thanks to the fork locator, the forklift operator no longer needs to manually adjust the fork to accommodate different sized loads.

It may not be that everything in your yard or warehouse can be placed on a pallet. This is why there is a reason called a fixture attachment. By attaching the clamp to the forklift, it is easy to move buckets, buckets, rolls, buckets and irregularly shaped objects or loads. Most fixture attachments even allow the forklift operator to rotate the load before placing it.

4. Rotator
Did you know that your forklift is not only suitable for moving goods, but also for dumping it into containers? The rotator allows the forklift operator to rotate the fork 360 degrees.

5. Single and double pallet truck
Single and double pallet handlers are used to move two pallets simultaneously. Single and double pallet handlers allow the forklift operator to easily convert two forks into four forks and vice versa.


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