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When buying a large forklift truck we have to consider a lot of points because of its expensive price

When buying a forklift large truck, we have to consider a lot of points because of its expensive price.

1.Do your research

Consider all uses of the forklift truck for your current business needs; but don’t forget about looking at possible changes in the future. These future changes could include location, load size including overall dimensions, shape, and weight, and many other factors. You also need to consider what the expected period of time is that your business will need a big forklift truck.

2.Investigate product reliability & quality

Talk with other big forklift truck users similar to your business. Your big forklift truck supplier should be able to introduce you to some. Check for quality by looking at the welds, mast, cab & overall design. Consider the engine manufacturer chosen for the machine and if they are known for quality and reliability. Look at where the equipment is built and what the manufacturing facilities are like, and ask for a tour of the facilities if possible.



3.Consider Safety

Product damage and operator damage can easily become the biggest cost factors involved with owning a big forklift truck. Due to the large capital investment of the machine, it is critical to safe guard your assets. Ensure you get the best operator safety system for your machine.

4.Do they have an available parts supply?

Can your supplier assist with any spare parts needed at a fast rate to avoid down time of your forklift truck?  Does your supplier have a range of these parts in stock at given times? Also ask about parts for your forklift truck after a certain age to gain security regarding future maintenance with your forklift truck.

5.Does the forklift truck have a dual purpose?

Can the attachments be swapped easily and is the load centre/capacity correct to allow for these changes?

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