Hinged Forks

Hinged Forks

forklift attachment hinged forks


This is the description of Hinged Forks

Forklift Hinged Carriages Description:

The hinged forks are able to increase the forklift forks' tilting angle. Tilting forward 45 degree and backward 25 degree make the forklift can easily dumping cargo. Using Hinged forks and other containers attachments in combination will reach a better result.

The optional buckets and containers allow forklift to handle bulk materials, such as coal, gravel, sand and so on. That is why Forklift hinged forks were popular in wood industry, architecture and construction, metal industry, livestock industry and so on.

Hinged Forks Model No. Capacity@Load Center (kg@mm) Truck Mounting Class Hinged Fork Mounting Class Tilt Forward/Tilt Backward Carriage Width (mm) Over Height (mm) Weight (kg) Effective Thickness ET(mm) Horizontal Center of Gravity HCG(mm)
HGC-2.5TD 2500@500 II II 45°/25° 1100 1170 500 390 130
HGC-3.5TD 3500@500 III III 45°/25° 1100 1170 500 360 185
HGC-4.5TD 4500@600 IV III 45°/25° 1500 1380 700 425 195
HGC-6TD 6000@600 IV IV 45°/25° 1830 380 1000 425 195

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