Pallets Turnover fork clamps

Pallets Turnover fork clamps

pallet turnover forklift attachments fork clamp


This is the description of Pallets Turnover fork clamps

Turnover Clamp Introduction:

The forklift attachment Turnover clamp mainly used for transfering cargo from one pallet to another.Two-Forks arms can
hold goods tightly and spin them 360 degrees in both direction.The turnover clamp is also been called forklift pallet
turnover clamp.
Besides,this forklift attachment allows forklifts transport loads with or without pallets easily.Then it has another
name fork clamp.This fork clamp is mainly for carrying bale products,such as waste papaer bale,scrap bale,pulp bale
and so on.

Turnover Clamp Specifications:

Forklift Turnover Clamp Model No. Capacity Load Center (kg@mm) Mounting Class Opening Range (mm) Fork Size  LxWxT(mm) Weight (kg) Effective Thickness ET(mm) Horizontal Center of Gravity HCG(mm)
TOC-1.6TD-R2000 1600@600 II 690-2000 1200x125x45 780 290 310
TOC-1.6TD-R1900 1600@600 II 660-1900 1200x125x45 690 290 310
TOC-2.3TD-R2000 2300@600 II 690-2000 1200x125x50 780 305 300
TOC-2.3TD-R2100 2300@600 III 770-2100 1200x125x50 790 345 300
TOC-2.3TD-R2300 3200@600 III 780-2300 1200x150x50 1110 320 350


  • Two additional hydraulic functions needed from forklift truck.
  • Custom service is available.

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