Single arm adjustable forklift paper roll clamp G series

Single arm adjustable forklift paper roll clamp G series

Short arm fixed paper roll clamps for sale


This is the description of Single arm adjustable forklift paper roll clamp G series
Single arm adjustable roll clamp introduction:

A paper mill,warehouse,or any others in paper business,paper rolls in particular, are one of the main cargo groups requiring specialized lift truck attachments. This specialized attachment is paper roll clamp. Because paper rolls are heavy, hard to handle and easy to damage with improper handling.The paper roll transporting progress is usually too long, requiring as many as 16 different handling stages.A heavy duty mechanical hands maybe is the best solution.

The paper roll clamp is with hydraulic force.All paper roll clamps have two arms,one is long and the other is short.This great design make the roll clamp can handle rolls in upright direction or flat level. Paper rolls are manufactured in a great variety of diameters, widths and weights.Please feel free contact with us for a best solution on your paper roll clamps selection. solution on your paper roll clamps selection.

Single arm adjustable roll clamp Specifications:

 Paper roll clamp Model No. Capacity (kg) Roll Range (mm) Mounting Class Long Arm Length (mm) Short Arm Length (mm) Weight (kg) ET(mm) HCG(mm)
RC-2TG-F1300 2000 630-1300 II/III 830 560 680 195/235 280/320
RC-2TG-F1600 2000 630-1600 II/III 950 770 765 180/215 300/340
RC-2TG-F1830 1700 680-1830 III 1130 920 880 235 445
RC-2TG-F1350 2000 690-1350 II/III 830 560 655 195 280
RC-2.7TG-F1350 2700 590-1350 III 850 560 750 195 270
RC-2.7TG-F1520 2700 560-1520 III 950 690 820 195 305
RC-4TG-F1300 4000 560-1300 III/IV 870 580 1135 220 285
RC-4TG-F1520 3500 610-1520 III/IV 1000 680 1180 220 320
RC-4TG-F1830 2700 635-1830 III/IV 1165 800 1290 220 350
RC-4TG-F2030 2500 800-2030 III/IV 1250 930 1385 200 390
RC-4.5TG-F1300 4500 560-1300 IV 900 570 1230 200 285
RC-4.5TG-F1520 4100 530-1520 IV 965 690 1285 200 310
RC-4.5TG-F1830 3400 660-1830 IV 1105 800 1375 200 335
RC-4.5TG-F2200 2700 450-2200 IV 1250 930 1480 200 380

*Two additional hydraulic functions needed from forklift truck
*Contact pads are offered according to different handling tasks program
*Please consult with our sales representatives before your purchasing any forklift attachment.


  • Two different clamp arms,one is long and the other is short.
  • Arc shape clamp arms can fit the roll surface perfectly and hold paper roll tightly while reducing roll damages.
  • Highly durable arm structures and custom contact pads reduce paper rolls damages in paper mill,warehouse and factory.
  • Contact pads should be matched with different paper roll materials.
  • Contact pads angle is adjustable for fitting paper rolls surface during handling
  • Many styles arms are optional as per customer request
  • Custom sliding arm is for wide opening application.
  • Two or more pieces rolls handling is available for a roll clamp with a split long arm
  • Fixed short arm can be changed into a positioned one by adding one hydraulic cylinder.
  • Short arm adjustable at 45 degree.Rolls with extra small diameter also can be picked up by paper roll clamp.
  • Cheap price and lower cost for a fixed short arm forklift roll clamp.
  • Excellent view help forklift truck operator do little mistake
  • High-flow hydraulic force connection make the roll paper clamp rotating speed fast that improves working efficiency.
  • Fast but secure 360 degree rotating in both direction keep this roll clamp flexible.
  • A check valve provide a secure operation when roll clamps is load and rotating.
  • Casting iron parts offers a high strength structure for a forklift truck operation.


short arm fixed roll clamp
short arm fixed roll clamp

Single arm adjustable

Short arm can't be adjusted
Short arm can't be adjusted

Short arm no cylinders

Paper roll clamp full loading test
Paper roll clamp full loading 

Rotating Test


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