D series forklift side shift attachments

D series forklift side shift attachments

forklift attachments side shifter sideshifter sideshifting


This is the description of D series forklift side shift attachments
Side shifters Introduction:
Sideshifters are one the most common attachments encountered on forklift trucks. Based on the capacity of the truck, Sideshifters allow lateral shift of the load from ±100 up to ±150mm. It saves time and increases driverability. Riggerte Sideshifter can be combined with numerous other attachments and thus considerable increase the application possibilities.
Sideshifters Specification:
Forklift Side shifter Model No. Capacity@Load Center (kg@mm) Mounting Class Sideshift (mm) Carriage Width (mm) Mininum Truck Carriage Width (mm) Weight (kg) Effective Thickness ET(mm) Horizontal Center of Gravity HCG(mm)
SS-4.5TD-1350 4500@500 III ±150 1350 1150 200 65 30
SS-4.5TD-1500 4500@500 III ±150 1500 1300 210 65 30
SS-5.5TD-1550 5500@600 IV ±150 1550 1350 200 80 40
SS-5.5TD-1830 5500@600 IV ±150 1830 1630 245 80 40
SS-7TD-1830 6800@600 IV ±150 1830 1630 300 85 45

*One additional hydraulic functions needed from forklift truck
*Shifting distance is customized according to customers' requirement.Heavy duty loading and different width is customized as per customers' demand.
*Please consult with Riggerte Sales before purchasing.


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