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Bale clamp
  • what is forklift bale clamp ? Oct 15, 2022
    Forklift bale clamp is a kind of equipment that can handle a variety of large soft objects, such as cotton, textiles, cashmere, waste paper, pulp bags, etc. The two clamping arms of the bale clamp can be hydraulically adjusted to suit different sizes of goods. Forklift bale clamps are usually mounted on the carriage of the forklift, which requires the forklift to provide 2 hydraulic functions, one for open and clamp, and the other for side shifts.
  • what is paper roll clamp ? Oct 15, 2022
    A paper roll clamp is a device that can handle cylindrical paper rolls and needs to be mounted to the forklift and connected to the forklift's hydraulic system to carry out handling operations. The paper roll clamp has a certain opening range to apply different diameter paper rolls, and different bearing capacity to apply different weights of paper rolls. Roll clamps are mainly used in paper mills, printing plants, and logistics centers.

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