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Common Human Fault and Prevention Measures for Forklift

Forklift failure is often caused by negligence of maintenance personnel, so maintenance personnel should be more careful when repairing forklift.
The above is a case of forklift failure due to negligence of maintenance personnel
Example: When maintaining the carburetor, one spring gasket fell into the intake pipe, causing the piston to scrap the anti-freeze water plug to loosen, causing the oil bottom shell to be accidentally repaired when the water enters the water, and the crankshaft timing gear is hit by the tool and a bulge appears. The timing gear raised against the camshaft causes the engine to have an improper installation of the sealing ring on the valve conduit of the engine. This causes the exhaust oil to hear the noise(IV cylinder connecting rod bearing loose) and does not take measures, causing the bolt of the scrap connecting rod to be screwed too tight and damaged. Causing engine tamper to scrap.
Reasons for failure:
1 is poor maintenance. Did not change, add oil or clean oil filters according to regulations, lack of oil or use of deteriorated lubricants, deterioration of lubrication conditions, acceleration of wear and tear, did not replace air filters according to regulations, so that dirty pollution blocked, air intake reduced, engine work is weak, Large amount of dust into the cylinder, speed up cylinder wear, work performance deteriorated.
Poor operation or assembly quality, failure to strictly observe the operation rules, adopt the wrong practices, adjustment, assembly does not meet technical standards.
Part quality is not qualified or replacement, add oil quality is not good.
Brutal disassembly, more than loose(nut, piston, bearing), parts dirty.
Forklift maintenance is not mandatory, resulting in wear, deformation, loose and dirty parts, such as not specified mileage cleaning, oil replacement.
6 parts leak.
7 Illegal use of forklifts. For example, when a new forklift or forklift after overhaul is running, the regulations for walking are not implemented. The speed limit is removed in advance, the load is used in advance, and the overloading is overspeed.
For example, when assembling crankshaft, Flywheel and clutch, the balance performance is damaged, or the equipment is lacking and the detection means are incomplete.
9 Not according to the gap assembly or adjustment. For example, when the gap between the piston and the cylinder is greater than the specified, it will be flooded with oil, power drop, and fuel consumption increase is less than the specified time, which will cause the piston pull cylinder to stagnate. The valve gap adjustment is not at that time. Power reduction, fuel consumption increase, machine serious noise. Ten is the line connection error, parts Misfit. Battery negative pole is iron, if the wrong connection will burn the generator diode regulator fuse column and magnetic field connecting column, will make the regulator contacts ablate the engine crankshaft stop push plate assembly, crankshaft easy axial movement, Causing serious abrasion and abrasion of cylinder bearing end surface, even scrap.
Common human fault prevention measures for forklifts:
1 Carefully dispose of various liners. For example, the oil pan or valve cover, due to the large contact area, is not easy to compaction, easy to cause oil leakage. After the crankshaft oil seal oil leakage, oil will infiltrate the clutch, both oil and will make the clutch sheet stain and burn.
2 Tighten the nuts according to the repair specifications. Overpressure and non-tightening of the lining pad will cause oil leakage due to overtightening of the metal around the screw hole or screw the silk buckle. If the oil pan(box case) is not tightened or loosen off, it is easy to cause a large loss of oil. Then happened the accident of burning tile holding shaft.
3 timely replacement of failed oil seals. The installation of oil seals is not appropriate, the shaft neck is different from the oil seal mouth, and it is easy to throw oil due to pendulum. After long-term use, some rubber aging will lose elasticity, seal lip damage cracking or self-tightening spring failure, Will lose the sealing effect, should be standard repair or replacement of qualified accessories.
For example, the cylinder sleeve, piston, piston ring wear to a certain extent, the combustion chamber high pressure gas into the crankcase.
5 Repair and replace the main bearing. When the gap between the main bearing and the shaft neck is too large, the front and rear oil seals will lose their sealability due to the impact of the crankshaft, causing oil to leak out of the crankshaft head or leak oil into the clutch, thus contaminating the friction sheet. Lead to skid, ineffective work.
6 Avoid one-way valve, air valve plug. After this type of Valve hole plug, it is easy to cause temperature, pressure increase, piston motion resistance, fuel consumption increase, oil and gas fill the entire space, lubricant consumption increase and replacement cycle shorten. Due to the effect of pressure difference inside and outside the box shell, It 'should be checked, dredged and cleaned regularly to keep one-way valve and air valve open.
7 Proper solution to various types of tubing joint seals. Pipeline connection nuts are often disassembled and installed, and they are easily loosened due to sliding wire breaks. This makes the accuracy of the two joint horn mouths worse. Because the central line of the cone surface does not coincide, the contact is poor, and the taper is different. And not consistent, etc.. The thin copper wallet should be sealed at the joint of the grinding pipe or after the two cones.
8 Avoid hub grease dumping. When hub bearings and cavities are over-lubricated with grease, or when hub oil seal assembly is inadequate, poor quality, aging failure and frequent braking causes hub temperatures to be too high and half-shaft nuts to loosen, It 'should adopt cavity lubrication method(moderate lubrication), dredge air hole, use brake reasonably, select high quality accessories strictly, and assemble and adjust according to the process specification.


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