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How should we reduce forklift accidents when using forklifts

How should we reduce forklift accidents when using forklifts?

In manufacturing factories and warehouses, there’s nothing as dangerous as the traditional forklift criss-crossing through a shop floor. On the other hand, forklift traffic can also lead to reduced production levels and downtime, which also negatively affect manufacturing. In order to effectively reduce forklift-related accidents and downtime, we provide some tips for reducing forklift traffic.


1.Design Traffic Organizing Layouts
If you must use a forklift, then the first tip is organizing your shop floor to accommodate human movement, forklifts, and other items. We recommend the creation of wide pathways for forklifts to navigate and dedicating walkways to handle human traffic. The pathways for forklifts should also be free off stumbling blocks or machinery that can affect movement across the shop floor.Dedicated walkways for pedestrians are another aspect of creating a layout that must not be overlooked. These walkways keep pedestrians from the path of forklifts which eliminates accidents while also reducing traffic.
2.Make Use of Forklift Traffic Signs
Forklift traffic signs plays a crucial role in controlling traffic, reducing accidents, and speeding up daily commute. There are different types of traffic signs that provide forklift drivers with timely instructions on when to move or stay. Facility managers can also use these signs to create safe zones for pedestrians, set speed limits, and organize multiple forklifts navigating through a pathway.



3.Train Staff About Proper Use and Workplace Safety
Proper training of driving and loading personnel should be part of the internal policy of every manufacturing facility. A forklift working under optimal conditions and driven by an experienced driver is less likely to cause either traffic or accidents. Also, trained personnel will understand forklift traffic signs and adhere to them. OSHA also recommends mandatory training and retraining of forklift drivers as a means of reducing unplanned downtime in factories.

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