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How to judge the performance of the forklift

crown forklifts counterbalance forklift diesel forklift truck
crown forklifts counterbalance forklift diesel forklift truck


In the comprehensive assessment, many companies often do not understand the quality of the products because they do not understand the expertise and technology of the forklift.
Make a reasonable judgment. In general, the superior performance of high-quality forklifts is often reflected in high efficiency, low cost, high reliability, ergonomic design and convenient service.
high efficiency
High efficiency does not only mean high speed (driving, lifting, descent speed), it also means that the operator takes a short time to complete a work cycle and can maintain this efficiency throughout the working time. Many factors can contribute to efficiency gains:
1 The speed of the speed, such as driving speed, lifting and lowering speed;
2 The application of ergonomic design reduces the number of operation actions;
3 the accuracy of the operation;
4 ergonomic design applications to minimize fatigue;
5 good vision;
low cost
The total cost of an annual purchase and use of a forklift truck includes:
1 procurement cost;
2 maintenance costs;
3 energy consumption costs;
4 Labor costs.
Procurement costs will be spread evenly over the life of the forklift. Therefore, high-priced forklifts will reduce procurement costs due to their longer life. The actual repair cost is not only related to the cost of repairing parts, but also to the failure rate or downtime. Therefore, a high-quality forklift has lower maintenance costs due to its lower failure rate. The cost of energy consumption will vary depending on the forklift of different power systems, such as electricity, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas or gasoline. Labor costs vary with the number of drivers and their monthly total wages, and the number of drivers will be reduced by the use of efficient forklifts.
High security
The safety design of the forklift should be able to fully guarantee the safety of the driver, the cargo and the forklift itself. High-quality forklifts often take into account every detail and every possibility in terms of safety design.
Ergonomics is a science that is widely used in product design, especially in improving the operating environment, with the aim of maximizing production efficiency by reducing driver fatigue and increasing operational comfort. In the design of forklifts, ergonomics is reflected in all aspects:
1 Reduce the fatigue of the driver's operation: the unique design can reduce the driver's operation and make the operation more labor-saving;
2 Comfort: User-friendly design can keep the driver in good mood and reduce operational errors;
3 Good visibility: Provides a good view of the forklift operation process, not only improves efficiency, but also ensures driver safety.
Easy maintenance
Consider whether the forklift accessories are easy to maintain. All parts should be replaced easily, and the diagnosis and elimination of the fault should be fast. The high-quality forklift control system is modular and can be directly connected to a laptop, using diagnostics to quickly find faults or modify parameter settings (such as driving speed).

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