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Paper Roll Clamp Introduction

The forklift attachment is a working component that is mounted on a forklift to meet the special requirements of various material handling and handling operations. It changes the traditional way of material handling, making the forklift a versatile, efficient material handling tool.(

Paper Roll Clamp is one of popular forklift attachments.

Paper Roll Clamp for efficient, non-destructive handling and stacking of all types of rolls.Mainly used in such fields as paper making, printing and paper carton for loading and unloading of circular substances


  1. Reasonable design,compact and beautiful structure,being easy to operate and with higher working efficiency.
  2. Two-way continuous rotation within the range of 360 degrees and the clamp arm can be controlled at any angle.
  3. Stable operation and a long service life.
  4. Stable rotation operation can be guaranteed due to its stable deceleration device and hydraulic motor.

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