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There are many things you must consider when purchasing and using forklift tire processor accessories for your business.

There are many things you must consider when purchasing and using forklift tire processor accessories for your business.Since most tire handling equipment is used in difficult environments, it is indispensable to ask the right questions for higher productivity and profitability while maintaining safety standards. This blog will provide information on tire handler attachments, from body rotation to capacity retention to ensure you fully understand what you need to consider when purchasing.

Forklift tire operating conditions
When purchasing a tire handling device, you must consider the application in which it is used. One of the most important aspects of the application you need to consider is the capacity required for the job. The capacity of the forklift can be determined by the weight of the load and the distance of the center of gravity of the load from the surface of the carriage or attachment. The weight of the load usually requires tires, wheels and, in some cases, tire chains.
It is also important to consider the dynamic stability of the truck as it is driving, braking, and steering.


Forklift tire dealer service
It is important to work with manufacturers and local distributors who can meet your needs. Dealers should be able to offer parts replacement programs, fleet service and performance monitoring, rental and financing options, and special application engineering.

Forklift tire body rotation ability
It is important to consider the tire processor body's ability to rotate and the gripping pad's ability to rotate, which is typically in the range of 120 to 360 degrees.

Forklift tire measurement and tracking
Ensure accurate measurement of the use of the tire processor to determine if and where to optimize the fleet. This will allow you to analyze operational downtime and measure annual run time to determine how to improve efficiency. You should also track annual fuel consumption, maintenance and service costs.

Forklift tire processor maintenance
Ensure that the tire handler attachment has a documented maintenance schedule that details the operations and intervals required for the task, including service inspection, component inspection, and replacement.

Tire handler accessories must undergo their own detailed pre-start inspection. The list can be separated or combined with the prime mover and should classify the defects that make the machine unsafe.

Consolidated capacity retention
When adding accessories, the constraints of the forklift must be considered. To ensure the best performance and safety of your equipment, you need to ensure that your machine and accessories handle your load based on total weight, size and size.

Tire handling program conditions
It is important to check the tire handler attachment for any cracks, especially cracks that may damage the integrity of the tire handler arm.

You should also develop a replacement plan for the bolts used in any “bolt-fixed” sections of the tire handler arm and consider replacing the bolts immediately if the current bolt conditions are undefined.

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