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  • Riggerte Fork positioners series explanation Riggerte Fork positioners series explanation Jan 04, 2024
    According the forks adjusting structures, Riggerte fork positioners have 4 series, first K series,second G series, third E series and the last one H series.  H series is normally for a customized width or heavy duty forkift from 4 to 16 tons. We design this according clients' requirements. The model No. sample is FP-5TH-S1550. FP means fork positioner, 5 means loading capacity 5 tons ,S means side shifting function, 1550 means overall width. Frame:customized as per clients requirements Independent Side shifting cylinder Riggerte designed adjusting structure Lead time is short  Easy to assemble and maintain.   2. K series fork positioners usually for 2~3.5Tons forklift, width range from 900~1350mm. It's forks adjusting structure is same as Cascade fork positioners.  The model No. sample is FP-2.5TK-S1040. FP means fork positioner, 2.5 means loading capacity 2.5 tons ,S means side shifting function, 1040 means overall width.  Frame:Standard 2~3.5T side shifter Independent Side shifting cylinder Cascade forks adjusting structure Lead time a little bit longer Adjusting structure not stable and strong Total Weight around 70~100KGS,require one set of special tools to assemble and maintain. 3. G series fork positioners is similar with Kaup fork positioners, and it's model number rules is same as above. But this fork positioners is more easier to assemble and maitain. The whole structure is more stable than K series, but heavier than K series.  Frame:Standard 2~3.5T side shifter Independent Side shifting cylinder Cascade forks adjusting structure Lead time a little bit longer Adjusting structure not stable and strong Total Weight around 85~115KGS, easy to assemble and maintain. 4. E series Fork positioners has two guiding pins to support forks sliding smoothly and stable. It's structure is strong and stable than K and G series, but price is a little bit higher.  Frame:Cutting and welding steel plate Side shifting by cylinders stroke and contract Riggerte double-pins type adjusting structure Lead time is the best. Adjusting structure is most stable and strongest Total Weight around 130~150KGS Easy to assemble Price a little expensive than other two series
  • How to maintain a forklift ? How to maintain a forklift ? Mar 27, 2023
    As a forklift attachment manufacturer, we don’t have practical knowledge about maintaining forklift trucks. But as per available resources, here are some general maintenance tips for forklift:   1. Regular Inspections - Conduct daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly checks to look for any parts that need replacing or fixing. 2. Fluid Levels Check - Monitor oil, hydraulic fluid, and coolant levels regularly. 3. Battery Check - Check the battery to make sure it is fully charged and the connections are clean and tight. 4. Tire Check - Ensure that the tires are inflated properly and free from any damage. 5. Cleanliness and Lubrication - Keep the forklift clean and free of debris to keep it running smoothly. Apply lubricants to moving parts. 6. Operator Training - Ensure that the operator is trained in proper operation and safety procedures. 7. Professional maintenance - Schedule regular maintenance with a certified forklift technician to identify potential issues and perform necessary repairs. 8. Replacement of Worn Parts - Keep a record of when parts were last replaced and replace them when necessary. 9. Follow the Manufacturer’s Guidelines - Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on service intervals, maintenance tasks, and fluid requirements. 10. Store Properly - Always store the forklift in a dry place away from the elements when not in use.
  • what is forklfit fork positioners ? what is forklfit fork positioners ? Nov 24, 2022
    A fork positioner can help forklift driver adjust forks distance by a hydraulic controll lever. It's one of the most important forklift attachments. Normally a fork positioner has side shift function too. It's the most economic and usefull device for a forklift truck. 
  • what is side shift ? what is side shift ? Oct 15, 2022
    Side shifters are the most common forklift attachments. The side shifter can provide a distance adjustment left and right when the forklift is fully loaded. If the forklift driver is not able to accurately place the goods, he can slightly adjust by the side shifter at this time. When loading and unloading goods in containers, side shifters are particularly important.
  • What is forklift attachment ? What is forklift attachment ? Aug 25, 2022
    A forklift attachment is an item handling device mounted on a forklift. It is not a forklift accessory and is a stand-alone finished product. Forklifts usually have a pair of forks, which are mainly suitable for handling goods with pallets, but when encountering some special dimensions of goods, forks are difficult to handle safely and effectively. At this time, it is necessary to install a special handling equipment for the forklift to handle special materials, which are collectively referred to as forklift attachments. The action that the forklift can do include lifting, small angle tilting, stacking, but if it equipped with forklift attachments, it can increase the open and clamp, rotate, push and pull, side shift, large angle tilt and other actions. Therefore, forklift attachments provide more functions and flexibility for forklifts, thereby improving logistics handling efficiency and reducing material damage caused by handling. Forklift attachments mainly have the following a few types paper roll clamp,bale clamp,rotator,fork positioner,side shift,hinged carraige,Push Pull ,drum clamp,multi-pallets handler and carton clamp. In fact, every special material can be handled by a special designed forklift attachment. 
  • what is paper roll clamp ? what is paper roll clamp ? Oct 15, 2022
    A paper roll clamp is a device that can handle cylindrical paper rolls and needs to be mounted to the forklift and connected to the forklift's hydraulic system to carry out handling operations. The paper roll clamp has a certain opening range to apply different diameter paper rolls, and different bearing capacity to apply different weights of paper rolls. Roll clamps are mainly used in paper mills, printing plants, and logistics centers.
  • What is forklift carriage ? Mar 27, 2023
    Forklift carriage is a component of a forklift that is used to carry and support the forklift's lifting forks. It is a metal structure that sits on top of the mast and is attached to the hydraulic system of the forklift. The carriage contains rollers that move along the mast channels, allowing the forks to move up and down. The carriage can also be adjusted to fit different forklfit attachments for various material handling applications. After knowing forklift carriage, we have to know more on the forklift mounting calss. The forklift carriage mounting class refers to the type of mount or attachment mechanism used to connect a forklift carriage to the mast. There are three main types of forklift carriage mounting classes, which are: 1. Class I: This is the most common forklift carriage mounting class and is used for Class I forklifts. Class I mounting is a hook-on style configuration that hangs from the top of the mast. 2. Class II: This type of forklift carriage mounting is used for Class II forklifts and is also a hook-on style configuration. However, Class II forklifts require a narrower mast channel. Forklift from 1.5~2.5T loading capacity. 3. Class III: This is a bolt-on style configuration that allows the forklift carriage to be more securely mounted to the mast. Class III mounting is typically used for Class III forklifts or less commonly for heavier Class IV and V forklifts.  In summary, the forklift carriage mounting class refers to the type of mount or attachment mechanism used to connect a forklift carriage to the mast, and there are three main classes based on the type of configuration and the forklift class they are designed for.  Class I: Forklift with less than 1.5T loading capacity. Class II: Forklift from 1.5~2.5T loading capacity. Class III: Forklift from 3~4.5T loading capacity. Class IV: Forklift from 5~8T loading capacity.    
  • Forklfit market in Asia Jul 11, 2023
    The forklift market in Asia is one of the largest and fastest-growing in the world. The region is home to several emerging economies and manufacturing hubs, resulting in a high demand for material handling equipment like forklifts and forklift attachments. China, as the largest manufacturing hub in the world, dominates the forklift market in Asia. It is both the largest producer and consumer of forklifts in the region. Other major markets in Asia include Japan, South Korea, India, and Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Factors driving the growth of the forklift market in Asia include rapid industrialization, urbanization, e-commerce growth, and increasing logistics and warehousing activities. Additionally, governments in the region have been investing in infrastructure development, further boosting the demand for forklifts. The market is highly competitive, with both local and international manufacturers catering to the diverse needs of various industries. Key players in the Asian forklift market include Toyota Industries Corporation, KION Group AG (which owns brands like Linde and STILL), Mitsubishi Logisnext Co., Ltd., and Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. The market is also witnessing a shift towards electric forklifts due to increasing environmental concerns and stricter emission regulations in many Asian countries. Electric forklifts offer lower operating costs, reduced noise levels, and zero emissions, making them a more sustainable choice for businesses. Overall, the forklift market in Asia is poised for steady growth due to the region's robust manufacturing sector and ongoing infrastructure developments.
  • Forklift attachment market in India Jul 11, 2023
    The forklift attachment market in India is experiencing significant growth due to various factors such as increasing industrialization, expansion of warehousing and logistics industries, and the need for efficient material handling equipment. The market for forklift attachments in India is largely driven by the manufacturing sector, which utilizes forklifts and attachments for various material handling operations. Additionally, the e-commerce industry has boosted the demand for forklift attachments as a result of the increasing need for fast and efficient warehouse operations. Some common types of forklift attachments in the Indian market include side shifters, fork positioners, clamps, rotators, and jib cranes. These attachments enhance the versatility and functionality of forklifts, allowing them to handle a wider range of materials and improve operational efficiency. Moreover, the government's initiatives such as "Make in India" and the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) have also positively impacted the forklift attachment market. These policies aim to boost the manufacturing sector and improve logistics infrastructure, thereby driving the demand for forklift attachments. However, the market is not without its challenges. One of the key challenges faced by the forklift attachment market in India is the presence of low-cost, unbranded alternatives, which often pose quality and safety risks. Additionally, the lack of skilled operators and the high cost of attachments remain significant barriers to market growth. Overall, the forklift attachment market in India is expected to witness steady growth in the coming years, driven by the increasing demand for efficient material handling equipment in various industries. Manufacturers and suppliers in the market are likely to focus on product innovation, safety features, and developing cost-effective solutions to stay competitive in the growing market.

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