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  • Forklift Single and double pallets handler
    f 08, 2022 Forklift Single and double pallets handler
    Single and double pallets handler normally has 4 pcs forklift forks, 2 outer forks were controlled by hydraulic cylinders and the other inner 2 pcs were controlled by spring cylinders. When 4 pcs forks were opened, the pallet handler can handle 2 pallets and when forks were closed, pallet hander han...

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  • What is forklift attachments ?
    Aug 25, 2022 What is forklift attachments ?
    Forklift attachment is a kind of handling equipment installed on forklifts, after installing forklift attachments, forklifts can carry more goods that could not be carried before. Forklift attachments are also known as forklift manipulators, providing convenience and flexibility for forklifts. If yo...

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  • Carton clamps for Asia market
    Aug 25, 2022 Carton clamps for Asia market
    8 pcs forklift carton clamps are ready for loading into a 20GP container.  The carton clamp with opening range 560~1930mm,loading capacity 2000KGS, will be mounted on 2.5tons diesel forklifts.    Riggerte forklfit carton clamps are mainly used to handle household appliance,for example...

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  • Company team building activities
    Aug 25, 2022 Company team building activities
    In order to improve the communication efficiency between employees and increase their feelings for each other, Riggerte Forklift Attachment arranges outdoor barbecue.

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